Gtk+2 Netware client


Gtknw2 is GTK+2 frontend for ncpmount, so it allows you to mount Novell Netware servers.
This project is GTK+2 port of gtknw by Chris Ross (

Gtknw2 is written in Glade-2 environment using some logic parts from original gtknw-0.1.
It has internalization support as Glade allows it and I'm Russian =). Binary was tested under Linux i386 platform.


Main window "Loging in" tab:


"Options" tab:


Russian screenshots: Loging in and Options.


Sources may be taken in two ways:
  1. Glade-2 project and patch for Glade-generated code
  2. Already patched code that doesn't need Glade
In first case you can easily modify glade project yourself. Don't forget to send me patches =).
Second one is trivial tarball ready for building.
  1. gtknw2-x.x-distro.tar.bz2
    Untar it, run 'glade-2' and push "Build" button in Glade window.
    Than apply attached patch: 'patch -p1 < gtknw2-x.x.diff'.
    Than run ./, make, make install.
  2. gtknw2-0.3.tar.bz2
    Untar and run ./configure, make, make install.


I'm very interesting in translation gtknw2 to other languages. If you made some feel free to contact me.
Also you may wish to visit Sourceforge gtknw2 progect page and write to bugtracker or forums. Logo